Ethics of Tose’e Ta’avon bank

We believe that serving people is considered as prayer and proper answering to them in our task.

We believe that the thought of sincere service to people is a prelude to achieve this significant affair.

In this institute, our objective is to remove the distance between words and acts.

Customers are considered to be the most valuable asset for the bank and their satisfaction is the highest capital and social credit for our bank.

Observing the principles of the honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness, secrecy and preserving customer’s information is the epigraph of the words and acts of the bank’s staff.

Observing order and discipline, punctuality, outward adornment, courtesy and respect toward customers reflects our organizational and social characteristic.

Facilitating and accelerating the process of offering services to customers, along with continuous attempt in promoting quantitative and qualitative level of services, by using updated banking technology, is one of the fundamental objectives of this bank.

Observing rules and regulations as well as avoiding implementation of any irresponsible and personal taste is severely executed in this institute.

We implement observing of justices and equity as well as avoiding any discrimination in the process of affairs and activities, aiming at preserving human and customer’s dignity.

Along with required accuracy in offering optimum services to customers, we try to increase our technical and specialized knowledge as well as the level of awareness and information by consonant instruction.

We provide the efficiency and performance of the bank through building trust and increasing the confidence of our customers along with obtaining their satisfaction.

We welcome our clients with utmost cheerfulness and serenity and consider their demands with patience and fortitude. Having met their demands we accompany our clients cheerfully.