A message of managing director

Cooperation is considered as a suitable lever in economic and social development in the world. Cooperation is expected to create the background for gathering disperse and small forces and potentials motivated to form big force in optimal usage of financial, and especially human resources, improvement of income level and social status.

Function of cooperative sector as the second pillar of economy is to create employment opportunity for those with the required skill in a profession and business with shortage of capital for entrepreneurship. These people may be organized in cooperative unions and start business using bank facilities and other financial resources.

Development is necessary and inevitable in any country which has been accepted globally as a fact. Economic development is the most important element in the process of development while no country may be considered to be developed without economic growth.

Development, in fact, has a qualitative and multilateral, including political, social and cultural, concept while in many cases economic growth and development are used as equivalents for the significant role and place of economic growth in the process of development in each country. For this reason the role of cooperation in the process of development of a nation should depends on economic development in which economic characteristics of cooperative companies are focused. Other characteristics of cooperative companies including political, social and cultural developments are of the secondary importance while they are important and effective in development itself making the ground ready for economic development. More than 160,000 cooperative companies in Iran, as public foundations, have been included in the Constitution in current years, experiencing multilateral development, so they may broadly participate in economic transformation of the country for their potential and 12actual capabilities, acting as forerunner promising better future to the present and future generation.

During these years the necessity to develop cooperative sector and its axial role in establishment of social justice along with economic growth has been focused and resulted in serious and legal measures to be done in compilation of cooperative sector position in Iranian economy in a manner that cooperative sector has been given precedence in transfer of economic institutes from governmental sector to that of non-governmental institutes during the tenure of ninth and tenth government.

The importance of cooperative companies in social development is a certain feature of cooperatives, upon which people are trained for mutual cooperation and correlation (social aspects of cooperation) and supportive behavior (economic aspects of cooperation).

Tose`e Ta`avon Bank with more than 400 branches, along with Cooperative Guarantee Fund as well as Chambers of Cooperatives in all provinces, tries to give different services in Rials and foreign currency with the approach to support cooperative sector in order to fulfill the state policies, using its facilities and potentials.